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  • Skills, credentials, and certificates are verified by references.
  • Goes far beyond simple endorsements that are highly subjective with no accountability.
  • Creates an organic, live, virtual portfolio of references, active skills, and information.
  • Is controlled by the user, unlike traditional endorsements.
  • Verifies soft and hard skills for potential applicants.
  • Can be customized for internal company certifications and credentials.
  • Show validated credentials directly from relevant industry
  • Can discover relevant jobs based on skills selected
  • Easy and secure user interface

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Verify Viper enables colleges to identify industry credentials for current programs. The associated salaries, knowledge, skills and competencies for the occupations are included to help evaluate the value of credentials listed. Credential Tools is easily expandable, customizable, and updated daily to insure real time information.


81,443 Total Data Results Pages
81,443 Total Data Pages
16,400 Income Data Results
16,400 Income Reports
968 KSAs
968 Skills Per SOC
20,060 License Data Results
20,060 License Pages
12,307 Technology Skills Data Results
12,307 Technology Skills Data Results